Testimonials - Teacher workshops

Darren's workshop on Saturday last was an inspiration! His manner with us as adults reflected his obvious rapport with middle to upper primary students. Instructions for dance/activities were clearly put, such that we all felt there was nothing we could not achieve. Darren's resource, Total Fun, will provide us with a vast array of activities to work with throughout the year. Thanks, Darren (C Opie and M Gorroick, Seymour College, South Australia)

So much has been covered! My head is still spinning! What I have really enjoyed about these sessions is that they have been extremely practical – ‘hands on’. Yes, we have covered the ‘theory’ side of things, but we have also experienced first hand singing
games, witnessed vocal lessons and improved our own singing skills. We have been constantly bombarded with new ideas and fresh approaches to age old problems like student motivation. I have learned much and I have even more to ponder! (TS Carey Grammar School)