Join your Total Music characters, Jade, Kyle, Mel and Alex as they present a unique course of musical instruction! Total Music is a workbook and first course of study for students in the middle years. The material is fun, engaging and classroom tested!

Total Music has a unique layout with content divided into five key sections:

  • Music for the head:
    factual information about music (theory of music)
  • Music for the heart:
    music appreciation (listening and reflection)
  • Music for the hand:
    musicianship (practical skills)
  • Music for the ear:
    ear training (building the ability to imagine and decode musical sounds)
  • Creating and Performing:
    tasks that integrate all these areas

These 5 sections emphasise the core principle of music education for the whole person!

Total Music has a flexible layout that avoids locking teaching into a lesson by lesson design. Instead, teachers can plan their own course around the content and supplement with their own materials. Students can easily revise concepts and extend themselves in all areas.

Announcing the New Second Edition:

The new second edition of Total Music was released September 2010 and features:

  • Improved layout and design
  • Illustrations
  • Added content
  • Improved sequencing of creative tasks
  • Improved music notation
  • Simpler, clearer and less "scary" rhythmic and melodic exercises

Look Inside:

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